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Download Matter and Memory (Dover Philosophical Classics) by Henri Bersgson PDF

By Henri Bersgson

A enormous paintings via a Nobel Prize-winner, this 1896 paintings represents one of many nice inquiries into conception and reminiscence, circulation and time, topic and brain. Bergson surveys those autonomous yet comparable spheres, exploring the relationship of brain and physique to person freedom of choice.

"Matter and reminiscence was once the analysis of a main issue in psychology. circulate, as actual fact within the exterior global, and the picture, as psychic fact in attention, may well now not be adverse. The Bergsonian discovery of a movement-image, and extra profoundly, of a time-image, nonetheless keeps such richness this day that it's not yes that each one its outcomes were drawn." Gilles Deleuze

"Since the top of the final century, philosophy has made a chain of makes an attempt to put carry of the 'true' adventure rather than the type that manifests itself within the standardized, denatured lifetime of the civilized lots. it really is commonplace to categorise those efforts below the heading of a philosophy of existence. Towering above this literature is Bergson's early enormous paintings, topic and Memory." Walter Benjamin

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B. 8, 215b22-216a4 The second argument is clear. If there is motion through void, it will turn out that the same distance is traversed through 25 void and full; and this is absurd. For if I take a body finer than air in the same proportion to air that the time for void bears to the time for air, and insert this body in the extension of the Translation 51 void, then it will move through this very thin body in as much time as it took to move through the void. So in the same time it will move an equal distance whether full or void, which is impossible.

So weight and lightness do not belong to the things that have them because of something other than themselves, and weight is an active cause of downward motion, and lightness of upward motion, whenever things that have weight or lightness are in the place that is contrary to their nature and there is nothing obstructing their motion. For the clod of earth held up or hung up in air, although it is in the place that is unnatural to it, nevertheless does not move Translation 55 downward, because of what obstructs it.

Not at all; for our purpose in all this was not to measure planes, but solids. It remains, then, that we measure the space between the boundaries of the jar. The extension in between is something, then, over and above the bodies that come to be in it. Of course, I do not mean that this extension either ever is or can be empty of all body. Not at all. But I do claim that it is something different, over and above the bodies that come to be in it, and empty by its own definition, although never without 10 15 20 25 569,1 5 10 30 Corollary on Place body; in just the same way we claim that matter is different from the forms, but can never be without form.

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