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Download Catalogue of the Greek Coins in the British Museum (BMC) - by Poole Reginald Stuart PDF

By Poole Reginald Stuart

Второй том издания ?Catalogue of the Greek cash within the British Museum? (BMC), посвященный монетам Сицилии (1876). Изображения монет даны в тексте, а не отдельными страницами. Качество сканов очень неряшливое, и сделаны в черно-белом типе, что, на мой взгляд, наименее подходит к нумизматическим каталогам. Но разрешение сканов хорошие все отлично читается.

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23 PLAVTILLAE AV ... , cornucopiae in front. (Countermark, man's head). , holding trident and dolphin; facing him, Aphrodite, holding shield as mirror in both hands and wearing turreted crown. P. p. 17, no. 11, pl. D LXIII. 22 PLAVTILLA... Bust r. , holding Nike and spear; [shield on ground behind her]. C. 667, 668, pl. XXII, 8. 2 23 PL ..... Bust r. . COR The nymph Peirene seated 1. , resting 1. on rock; behind her, serpent. P. p. 23, no. 24. 1 221 IE 25 (a)PLAVTILLAEAVGVSTA. (b) . LAVTIIIAL AVGVSTA Bust r.

23. 1 189 26 . *. , laureate. , laureate. E 25 .. , laureate. *192 E 24 .. *193 A 24 PT VER.... , laureate. , holding wreath and palm. , holding wreath. Cf. Cohen 829. , standing over prostrate ram. P. p. 19, no. 14. A 24 .... IA AOMNA Bust r. 195 E 24 IVLIA DO MN Bust r. , within square building, above which, arcade of three arches and statues; steps below. Bellinger, no. 86, note. , laureate. ) 194 1 JULIA DOMNA . * - COR Isthmus standing facing, holding rudder in each hand. I COR Athena standing facing, holding Nike and spear; shield on ground resting against spear; (no owl visible).

FF x (Sept. ). 1 IVLIA DO MNA Bust r. ; 1. arm rests on column. 1 IVLIA D OMNA Bust r. , r. , r. outstretched, holding kantharos. 1 IVLIA D . . AVG Bust r. , holding patera and cornucopiae;beforeher, altar. 2 23 CLI COR . LCA DOM NA... , with cornucopiae at Tyche seated 1. on throne, holdshoulder. ing patera and cornucopiae. C. 658. 1 -E 24 .. LIA DOMNA AVG . Bust r. 1 AS 24 IVLIA DOMN Bust r. CL ICOR Tetrastyle temple of Aphrodite on Acrocorinth; below, pediment of temple with trees in front of it and an arch at each side; at 1.

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