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Download Catalogue of coins in the Panjab Museum, Lahore. Vol.II. by R B Whitehead PDF

By R B Whitehead

Каталог монет из собрания Пенджабского музея.

Catalogue of cash within the Panjab Museum, Lahore. Vol.I.

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Read Online or Download Catalogue of coins in the Panjab Museum, Lahore. Vol.II. Coins of the Mughal Emperors PDF

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To help you facilitate the session, we have included icons in the margins to mark those recurrent activities and help you find your place in the text as you lead a session. The following is a key to these icons: – Brief review of information from the previous session – Time for a physical activity break – Advance preparation tasks you need to do before the next session – Ask the group to review pledges made last session and check their Food and Activity Trackers for their progress. – These are the main “take-home” points you want to be sure were covered in the session – Assignment for participants to complete at home by themselves or with friends and family – Planning or conducting an activity that involves inviting a medical professional – Ask participants to create a pledge around food or physical activity behavior NDEP Power to Prevent Sessions Session 1: Introduction to Power to Prevent Preparing for the Session Learning Objectives At the end of this session, participants will be able to: Describe the goals of the Power to Prevent program Describe the impact that small steps can make in preventing or delaying the development of diabetes and in controlling diabetes Use tools to help take small steps in food choices and in physical activity levels Materials, Supplies, Handouts, and Equipment In addition to the general materials, supplies, and equipment listed on pages  and 2 of the Program Leaders Guide, you will need the following: Group Participants’ Guide (one copy per participant, unless participants have already received the guide during registration) Appendix I: Sign-In and Contact Form (one copy per participant) Appendix J: GAME PLAN Food and Activity Tracker (one copy per participant, plus a few extras for “walk-in” participants) (see instructions for ordering or downloading in the following section) Appendix K: Weekly Pledge (one copy per participant, plus a few extras) Appendix L: Individual Progress Chart (one copy per participant) Appendix M: - Pre–Session  Questionnaire (one copy per participant, plus a few extras) - Two OPTIONAL questionnaires: Pre-program Questionnaire for People with Diabetes and Pre-program Questionnaire—Demographics.

You’ve earned a supportive hand. Now, let’s do activity trackers. Take a look at your activity tracker from last week. If you think that you’ve increased your physical activity a lot or reached your goal raise your hand. You’ve earned a star. If you think that you’ve increased your physical activity a little raise your hand. You’ve earned a smiling face. If you think that you‘ve not made any change or have decreased your physical activity, raise your hand. ” Give each participant a new Weekly Pledge form and a new GAME PLAN Food and Activity Tracker.

It also helps keep your blood sugar level in balance. More importantly, healthy eating can help you prevent or delay long-term, chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. To help you prevent diabetes, it is critical that you incorporate healthy food choices into what you eat every day. ” Ask participants to describe ways in which they try to incorporate healthy food choices into what they eat every day. Write their responses on a flipchart. Make sure that the following points are mentioned: Eat a variety of foods.

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