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Download Calimport: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Second Edition by Steven E. Schend PDF

By Steven E. Schend

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Here they debate the many changes and strictures of their church without fear of censure from their superiors. City Building: The Fountain of the Qysars 2-story Class A dome-covered open-air palisade and fountain. Bakkal Sabban; Kariq Drudach. This fountain is one of the few sites from the Shoon Imperium still intact. Built during the concurrent reigns of the Qysar Amahl V and Syl-Pasha Abon II of El Larau, the fountain was completed in the Year of Coiling Smoke (194 DR). The octagonal palisade itself, its columns, and the external frieze are all carved from green marble, while the floor and the fountain basin are shaped from more common white marble.

She was recently informed of her birthright as the sole surviving child of the pasha, and granted his status in Calimport provided she threw the full support of her trading coster into trade alliances favorable to the syl-pasha (whose agents put her on this pedestal). As her resources are now vastly improved, she is content to continue her magical researches and leave the day-to-day operations of the coster to others in Cormyr and here in Calimport. She does not, as some assume, remain ignorant of the political landscape and she knows who among the merchants’ circles want her dead for preventing their takeovers of the Purple Pearls coster.

Its naming for the dynasty that let Tethyr escape from Calimshan’s control is deliberate, for the Evyrtaan pashas are now considered to be the ones responsible for the loss. Sabban mark: The Evyrtaan seal of a hawk’s head with a coin in its mouth. It is often depicted in crude mosaics that make it look a bit like concentric C’s around a small gold dot. F1 F2 Tavern: The First Trader’s Drink 2-story Class C building Bakkal Sabban; Kariq Drudach. This small establishment has become the unlikely meeting place for many of the younger clergy and acolytes of Waukeen’s faith away from the Coinchapel.

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