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Download Cake Icing, Butt Budder and Tea Lids by Renee Andrews PDF

By Renee Andrews

National Readers selection Award Winner

Cake Icing, Butt Budder and Tea Lids has been defined as candy domestic Alabama, the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, useful Magic and metal Magnolias all rolled into one. "In the South, if a lady is not married via age twenty-five, it is time for an intervention." this is often the foundation in the back of Delilah and Edna Thibodeaux's dogged decision to ensure their liked Jezze does not turn out an previous spinster, like her mom and aunt. yet what occurs while the eccentric antics of the younger girl's loopy Cajun aunt and mom placed her look for Mr. correct on a 25-year cut-off date to strength catastrophe? And why should still she need to turn out that they're the specialists in marriage intervention, besides? simply because she loves them? Yeah, most likely. simply because they honestly do not suggest any damage? That too. but if they come to a decision her Mr. correct is T-Roy Bertrand, the butt budder salesman, does she fairly need to agree? And if she's made up her brain, why does her middle refuse to pay attention?

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At least I’m wearing panties,” Aunt Edna snipped. Does Mama really not wear panties? Then she shrugged. ” “I tell you what I’m gonna take,” Aunt Edna said. She inched her way around Mama as though she thought allowing those major breasts to touch her would be worse than getting bit by that great big ol’ alligator. She groaned and, careful to stay clear of Mama’s glory, slid the cake across the counter. Then she placed it in the Thibodeaux’s Cakery box and shut the lid. “Honestly, Delilah, what kind of example are you setting for Jezze?

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