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By Malcolm Beveridge

Because the first variation of this e-book, 17 years in the past, aquaculture has consolidated its place as an enormous technique of generating nutrition and as a contributor to worldwide nutrients defense. Cage aquaculture too has endured to extend apace. The 3rd version of this significant, helpful and well-received ebook keeps the unique goal of offering an intensive synthesis of knowledge on cages and cage aquaculture practices with info and examples encompassing all significant global regions.Fully up to date, the book’s finished contents contain info of the foundation and ideas of cage aquaculture and an summary of its present place. Contents of the chapters following comprise key details on cage layout and development, web site choice, environmental affects and environmental means, administration, and strength difficulties in cage aquaculture platforms. A accomplished reference record and index are incorporated to assist readers.The quantity is key studying for all group of workers concerned about fish and shellfish farms that use cages, and for all these embarking on a profession in aquaculture. Cage brands and others offering the aquaculture exchange will locate a lot of industrial use in the e-book. All these keen on aquaculture learn and kit layout must have a duplicate of this most valuable ebook. All libraries in universities and learn institutions the place aquaculture, environmental technology, aquatic technological know-how, fish biology and fisheries are studied and taught must have a number of copies on their cabinets.

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Until recently cage designs, traditional or otherwise, have reflected more the limitations of the materials used, the production economics and the available skills than the requirements of the fish or the environmental conditions in which the cages were to be sited. This is not surprising. The links between system design and fish behaviour, and between behaviour and production, have largely been regarded as irrelevant in the context of production economics. The forces acting on a cage and mooring system are complex and difficult to quantify, and analysis of the responses of a cage structure to these forces requires the development and use of sophisticated test rigs and computer models.

5 Slatted hardwood sand goby cage from central Thailand (redrawn from Fedoruk & Srisuwantach 1984). Fig. 6 Bamboo cage installed in canal bottom, West Java, Indonesia. Overhead wires are to deter predators (courtesy C. Sommerville). 40 Chapter 3 construct, heavy and cumbersome to manage – particularly if more than a few cubic metres in volume – and unsuitable for use in the more corrosive brackish and marine environments (see Anh & Son 2001). Hardwoods are generally denser than bamboo or softwoods and thus are stronger and more resistant to impact damage and to infestation by boring organisms, such as the mayfly Povilla adusta, which are prevalent in many African waters (Coche 1979) (see Fig.

15). Plastic-coated galvanized chain link or weldmesh: Chain link is typically fabricated from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coated galvanized steel wire which is woven into diamond mesh netting (Milne, 1972), whereas the plastic-coated weldmesh is manufactured in a similar method to galvanized steel weldmesh and then coated in PVC. 3). 5). Design criteria The function of the bag component of a cage is to hold the fish securely while permitting sufficient water exchange to replenish oxygen (and, in some cases, food) and remove potentially harmful toxic metabolites.

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