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Download Bulgarian Studies in the Philosophy of Science by Sava Petrov (auth.), Dimitri Ginev (eds.) PDF

By Sava Petrov (auth.), Dimitri Ginev (eds.)

This quantity makes an attempt to supply a brand new articulation of concerns surrounding clinical realism, medical rationality, the epistemology of non-classical physics, the kind of progressive adjustments within the improvement of technology, the naturalization of epistemology inside of frameworks of cognitive technology and structural linguistics, versions of the data know-how revolution, and reconstructions of early smooth logical structures. a typical denominator of the authors' positions is the rejection of the post-modern deconstruction of the "global philosophical money owed" of science's cognitive constitution and dynamics. the amount takes on a twin activity: it bargains with significant views on philosophy of technology "after the tip of post-positivism", and it represents simple philosophical controversies in an Eastern-European society "after the top of country socialism".

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J. Worrall shows that the Popperian theory ofrationality is feasible in practice (Worrall, Why). For sure, I cannot maintain that the conclusion in favor ofthe Bayesian inductive conception of rationality is largely justified. It presupposes an unacceptable intemalism. 3. INTERNALISM OR EXTERNALISM Intemalism presents rationality as an attribute of the thought of individual agents. For extemalism, the rationality of know ledge is determined by its relation to reality and by its influence on social factors.

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