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Download Botanical Pen-Portraits by Dr. J. W. Moll, Pharm. Dr. H. H. Janssonius (auth.) PDF

By Dr. J. W. Moll, Pharm. Dr. H. H. Janssonius (auth.)

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Pharmacographie. 2 edition. Paris. 1912. HEUT, G. Beiträge zur Kenntnis des Emulsins. Archiv der Pharmacie. 1901. HEYL und TUNMANN. Santoninfreie Flores Cinae. Apotheker Zeitung. XXVIII. HOAZ, C. S. A comparison oi the stern anatomy of the Cohort Umbelliflorae. Annals of Botany. T. 29. 1915. HÖHLKE, F. Ueber die Harzbehälter und die Harzbildung bei den Polypodiaceen und einigen Phanerogamen. Beihefte zum Botanischen Centrallblatt. Bd. XI 1901/02. 8. HÖHNEL, F. R. v. Anatomische Untersuchungen über einige Secretionsorgane der Pflanzen.

Root hairs. 2e. Rhizoids. 2/. Clinging hairs. 2g. Stellate hairs. 3a. Number of cells. 2h. Stellate file hairs. 3a. Number of cells. 2i. Balance hairs. 2k. Epidermal emissaries. 21. Paraphyses. 2m. Capitate hairs. 3a. Ordinary capitate hairs. 4a. Unicellular. 4b. Pluricellular. Sa. Basal part. Sb. Stalk. Sc. Head. 3b. Glandular hairs. 4a. Ordinary glandular hairs. Sa. Unicellular. 6a. Cuticular bladder absent. 6b. Cuticular bladder present. Sb. Pluricellular. 6a. Basal part. 6b. Stalk. 6e. Heacl.

6a. Produced by the phloem arches of the cambium. See guiding scheme No. 12. 6b. Produced by the xylem arches of the cambium. See guiding scheme No. 12. If consisting only of parenchymatous elements forming a medullary ray, and then not to be mistaken for a medullary commissure. See also Sd, 6b. Sc. Cambium. 6a. Phloem arches. See guiding schemes No. 3 and 4. 6b. Xylem arches. See guiding schemes No. 3 and 4. Sd. Secondary xylem. Parts formed by pericycle or medullary commissures also to be described here.

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