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Download Book of Dragons - Book Three in the Chronicles of Tiralainn by Sara Reinke PDF

By Sara Reinke

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He did not know what the falcon had meant. He had dreamed of the bird frequently over the last weeks, seeing it within his mind without understanding why. He knew why he had dreamt of Qynh, though. All too well did he realize his mind's intention with such a cruel illusion. His deeds in life had marked him a hero but the weakness of his heart had marked him as anything but. He yearned for a woman he could never have; he dreamed of her with emotions that left him trembling with both desire and shame.

He reported that you meant to follow him ... ” He raised his brow at Aedhir. “What would you have of me? We had near gales almost at once ... that topmast cannot take that sort of wind. Already, our stern is wanting to blow west. " "I would have you hold this deck until my arrival, Lieutenant,” Aedhir said. “That is your duty. " Pryce blinked at him, hurt by his rebuke, and Aedhir's stern expression softened. The young man had meant only what was best for the ship and crew, acting as he had only out of many experienced years of seeing Aedhir follow similar actions, and Aedhir knew it.

Aedhir looked at him. “If I had been arrested, we would have been in Tiralainn until the spring,” he said with a slight frown. “There would have been depositions to give, arraignments to be held, bond to be set and posted, official inquest before the county magistrate. These matters do not move swiftly and fade away. They take time ... time that would have cost us all wages and fares. You can tell the crew that, if you would like, Pryce. ” Pryce asked. This was another point Pryce had kept needling him about from the moment of their departure.

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