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By Jonathan Cook

What does Israel wish to accomplish with its fresh withdrawal from Gaza and the construction of a 700km wall round the West financial institution? Jonathan prepare dinner, who has mentioned at the Israeli-Palestinian clash throughout the moment Intifada, provides a lucid account of the Jewish state's factors. the guts of the problem, he argues, is demography. Israel fears the instant whilst the region’s Palestinians – Israel's personal Palestinian electorate and people within the Occupied Territories – turn into a majority. Inevitable comparisons with apartheid in South Africa can be drawn. The publication charts Israel’s more and more determined responses to its hindrance: -- army repression of Palestinian dissent on each side of the golf green Line -- accusations that Israel's Palestinian voters and the Palestinian Authority are secretly conspiring to subvert the Jewish kingdom from inside -- a ban on marriages among Israel’s Palestinian inhabitants and Palestinians dwelling below career to avoid a correct of go back ‘through the again door’ -- the redrawing of the golf green Line to create an improved, citadel kingdom the place purely Jewish blood and Jewish faith count number eventually, concludes the writer, those abuses will bring about a 3rd, some distance deadlier intifada.

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75 It is my belief that, despite the common perception that a peace process of sorts was being re-established in late 2005, Israel’s “disengagement” marked the beginning of a new phase of the conflict, one in which the stakes will be much higher and the fighting far deadlier. It is a period in which the endgame will eventually bind the fate of the Palestinians in the occupied territories to that of Israel’s Palestinian citizens. As Israel finally begins to fashion these “borders”, Palestinians both inside Israel and in the occupied territories will find themselves in parallel situations, facing mirror images of the same racist policies.

47 Instead of a constitution, Israel has 11 Basic Laws, none of which guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of religion or, most importantly, equality. The Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty, passed in 1992 and the nearest thing Israel has to a Bill of Rights, fails to include equality among the rights it enumerates, instead emphasising the values of the state as “Jewish and democratic”. As a result, state-organised discrimination cannot easily be challenged in the courts. )49 ISRAEL’S PACT BETWEEN THE RELIGIOUS AND SECULAR The veiling of the religious and ethnic discrimination at the heart of Israel has been partly achieved through the seemingly unimportant decision of its founding fathers to remove the state from all matters of personal status.

As soon as the Palestinian minority challenged the legitimacy of an ethnic state – one that never tired of claiming to be a democracy – Israeli Jews felt their security, both physically and ideologically, was threatened. In demanding a state of all its citizens, the Arab minority had understood that the Jewish state was designed to exclude them from power, even from representation, for ever. In a Jewish state there were no channels available for Arabs to reform the system or – as they found when they took to the streets in October 2000 – to protest.

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