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By Earle Ashley Walcott

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Today? Oh, I have... " He didn't like the sound of that. " Now she scooted away from him and sat up, hugging the sheet around herself. " Confused, a feeling of foreboding creeping over him, Mack said, "What girl things? Like buying tampons or something? " Well, actually it did, but if that meant he could spend the day with Kindra, he could tolerate the whole heavy versus light flow conversation. She turned back to him. " Foreboding was no longer creeping up. It was flat out biting him on the ass.

You know, I never did get to watch that little video we made. Maybe we could do that first. " But Kindra had a better idea. " Mack watched Kindra walk toward the door, her sweet little ass swaying as she shot him a "come and get it" look over her shoulder. Damn, he was one lucky guy. He followed her, his tongue probably hanging as low as Bitsy's. " Jared Kincaid stared at Harold, who was standing in the middle of his office, hands on his leather pants-clad hips. What Jared felt was not love, but a skull-grinding, breath-robbing headache.

He had given her something he suspected no man ever had, and he felt a rush of tenderness for Kindra that was equally new. He realized with sudden shock that he was falling for her. Hook, line, and sinker. It felt right. Everything felt right about Kindra. Dusting kisses onto her neck and jaw, he withdrew his fingers and marveled that he had made Kindra Hill say "shit" out loud. She was quite a woman. Kindra took deep breaths and tried to slow down her heart rate. What the heck had just happened?

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