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Download Biochemical and Biological Markers of Neoplastic by Jean Dausset (auth.), Prakash Chandra (eds.) PDF

By Jean Dausset (auth.), Prakash Chandra (eds.)

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Because of the limitations of these syngeneic antisera, hybridomas have been produced which secrete antibody reacting with foetal antigens. As in the Sp4 tumour studies (Gunn et al. 1980), this has been accomplished following fusion of spleen cells from multiparous WAB/Not rats with the mouse P3NS1 myeloma (Holmes et al. 1981). The reactivity of antibodies in supernatants from four hybridomas with a range of target cells is summarized in Table 3. These tests were carried out using a cell binding assay in which target cells in microtiter plate wells are treated with supernatant fractions and bound antibody detected by a second reaction with 125I-labelled sheep anti-rat IgG F(ab 1 )2 (Gunn et al.

EXPRESSION OF NORMAL DIFFERENTIATION ANTIGENS ON HUMAN LEUKEMIAS AND LYMPHOMAS Lee M. Nadler, Jerome Ritz, Ellis L. Reinherz, and Stuart F. Schlossman Div. of Tumor Immunology, Sidney Farber Cancer Institute Harvard Medical School Boston, Massachussetts, USA INTRODUCTION Leukemias and lymphomas are presently classified according to morphologie and histochemical criteria. (1-7). Although attempts to catalogue tumors according to these criteria have provided important insights into their presentation, clinical course, and response to therapy, a single universally accepted classification system is currently lacking.

23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. M. SElIGMANN ET AL. L. Preud'homme and M. Seligmann. Surface-bound immunoglobulins as a cell marker in human lymphoproliferative diseases. Blood, 40:777 (972). L. Preud'homme and M. Seligmann. lmmunoglobulins on the surface of lymphoid cells in WaIden ström 's macroglobulinemia. }. Clin. lnvest. 51:701 (972). M. }. Winchester, T. D. G. Kunkel. ldiotypic specificity of surface immunoglobulin and the maturation of leukemic bone-marrowderived lymphocytes. Proc. Nan.

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