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By A. Nowotny (auth.), Alois Nowotny (eds.)

The research of endotoxins has passed through cycles of enthusiastic examine by way of forget and revival back because of newly defined organic results attributed to endotoxins. it's nearly a typically appropriate rule that either extremes in such fluctuations within the acclaim for sure re­ seek fields are unjustified. it's noticeable that exaggerated expectancies will result in disappointments, and whole overlook of a once-exciting box is to be by way of renewed recognition, if the clinical foundation of past curiosity was once sturdy and remained so all through. The therapeutic ef­ fect of fever used to be praised as nature's blessed therapy, till it was once discov­ ered that it really is as a result of micro organism. while it grew to become obvious that through cautious program you possibly can arrive at healing doses with out intro­ ducing surprise and hypotension, the period of fever remedy begun. in this time, indiscriminate use of pyrogens used to be so common that the excessive expectancies needed to be by way of disillusionment. considering then, in­ terest in endotoxins skilled a couple of extra oscillations, with various wavelengths and amplitudes, the newest being prompted by way of the mitotic influence of endotoxin. This ended in justified pleasure between researchers who research the activation of the cells of the lymphatic approach and the results thereof, together with the discharge of vital mediator mol­ ecules. Fever treatment is passe, however the therapeutic that frequently the ap­ plication of endotoxins continues to be a well-documented fact.

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This discrepancy in the findings has been resolved recently. 2 N acetic acid and followed the loss of toxicity and CSF activity in the PS preparation during hydrolysis. It was found that toxicity (chick embryo lethality) decreases more rapidly than CSF activity. In 30 min, less than 1 % of the original toxicity remains in the PS preparation, while almost 90% of the CSF-inducing potency is still present. Continued hydrolysis destroyed the CSF activity also. It was reduced to 40% in 60 min and to barely detectable levels in 90 min, indicating that the CSF-inducing structure is also quite acid sensitive.

The same hydrolysis applied to a rough mutant endotoxin gives again a different TLC pattern. Hydrolysis with 1 % acetic acid at 100·C for 2 hr also gave a heterogeneous mixture of various lipid breakdown products (Chang and Nowotny, 1975). These indicate that the various "free lipid A" preparations are different mixtures of various molecular entities. It also becomes questionable whether the lipid moieties of the various intact endotoxins are identical. If the lipid moieties in all three 20 A. Nowotny types of the above starting materials were identical, the use of the same hydrolytic conditions should result in lipid A precipitates that are at least quite similar, if not identical.

1933b), some of the above workers attempted to identify the subunit in the endotoxin complex that is the carrier of toxicity. , 1945) isolated endotoxin from Shigella paradysenteriae, complexed it with protein and subjected it either to acidic or to alkaline hydrolysis. When acidic hydrolysis was applied, they obtained a toxic protein and a nontoxic polysaccharide. In the case of alkaline hydrolysis, they isolated a toxic polysaccharide and a nontoxic protein. They assumed the existence of a toxic T component that is neither protein nor polysaccharide.

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