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By William Demby

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Thinking about the festival made her happy. Softly to herself under the covers, her breath feeling warm and good on her breast, she hummed a song which the evening before at choir practice they had spent almost an hour rehearsing. After a while though, the song made her sad, and feeling sorry for herself was a delicious feeling, so again she wept, silently so as not to destroy the stillness. She sobbed until from down the street, she heard footsteps and soft talking. This must be them! She jumped out of bed then and ran to the bathroom where she splashed cold water on her face.

Pretty boy like you ought to have nice long sideburns. " Tolley began giggling, and again Johnny felt hot shame under his collar. He wished the fat old fool would hurry and finish. Uncle David came in the barbershop carrying the box that contained his brushes and paints. "Gentlemen," he greeted. " "Howdy, Diggs," Tolley said, waving the lather covered razor in his direction. "Goin out to make all that money," Slim said, "better stop here and see me. " "Well, I don't know," David said, reaching into his pocket, a serious expression on his face.

Somethin mighty funny about a white man Page 33 livin round darkies when he got good places over there in the white part of town. " At that moment the door opened and a small, thin man with an almost perfectly round head entered the door. He wore a dark blue suit and a black tie that was tied in a tiny knot that fit with incredible precision into the appointed vertex of a stiff, starched collar. " He spoke without dialect in an affected manner, separating each word like a high school English teacher.

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