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By Faye Meredith

Rachel's addicted to Twilight and is in love with Edward Cullen. Clive is captivated with Rachel yet he is no Edward. Lewis is in love with himself till he meets Rachel. either boys fail to win her till considered one of them has the brilliant thought of changing into Edward. This light-hearted teenage novel is for teens who're lovers of paranormal romance, specifically Twilight and Breaking sunrise.

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Were they like her? Perhaps she could start a forum and get in touch with them. There was now a strong possibility this would never happen, not now her beloved book was about to be digested by a demented mutt. It currently looked like the Volturi themselves had been attacking it. Rachel tried pulling Cindy’s jaws apart. They were set like concrete. Just then there was a loud crack as the spine of the book broke. The dog looked up at Rachel for some reaction, as if she should be impressed. Rachel saw the book go limp and then pages started falling out.

Ginster lived on his own, played video games and could speak Klingon. Girls were not his strong point. He was round and small like a bowling ball with legs, and he had thinning hair, which was long and straggly at the back. He’d got his nickname from his love of meat-filled pastry products. ’ Ginster asked. ’ Clive said. ’ ‘I dunno. ’ To pass the time Ginster would often think of these bizarre hypothetical situations. Usually they were a welcome distraction for Clive, but not at the moment. He wanted to get in the zone in case Rachel walked in.

Rachel tried to be enthusiastic. They stepped off the bus and Rachel stood on the pavement like a statue, clutching Lewis’ address. Cassie snatched it with a quick flick of her wrist. Normally this would have irritated Rachel, and Cassie would have got the sharp end of her tongue, but tonight Rachel was happy for her to take the lead. ‘This way,’ Cassie said. Rachel followed obediently and though Cassie talked non-stop about what the party would be like and what people they would meet, Rachel heard none of it.

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