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Download Bastial Frenzy (The Rhythm of Rivalry, Book 4) by B. T. Narro PDF

By B. T. Narro

Book Details:

ISBN: 1495349861
EAN: 9781495349867
Publisher: CreateSpace autonomous Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 2014-01-27
Number of Pages: 464
Website: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Books, Goodreads

Synopsis from Amazon:

As the momentum of conflict builds, desperation to win dominates the complete continent. How a long way will every one military pass while honor turns into not anything greater than a weak point? the ultimate conflict methods, yet no longer earlier than a brutal betrayal is published that leaves even the Krepps in shock.

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Sample text

Erevis spits out the last of his vomit, glances at the suffering, and turns away. He shouts a spell into the icy air. Shadows swirl protectively about him and war with the wind. He finishes the casting and puts an ice-rimed hand to himself, to me, to Riven. The magic insulates me from the cold. Erevis removes his cloak and places it around me. He takes me by the shoulders, looks me in the eyes, and shouts something, but I cannot make it out. I hear only the damned and wind and glaciers and the echo of my father’s voice.

The location of the book to be made whole. ” So that you may free the Divine One? Elyril smiled and nodded. ” Kefil scratched his ear with a hind leg. Perhaps you will never know the location of the book or the nature of the sign. Perhaps Shar will keep this secret from you always. Perhaps not knowing will drive you mad. Elyril glared at the mastiff. ” Kefil said nothing more. Elyril spent the rest of the night praying and trying to wrest information from the darkness. But Shar held her secrets, and the truth of events lay just beyond Elyril’s reach.

I stare at the sky, torn, divided. We are lost. Erevis shouts at me over his shoulder, and his words penetrate my haze. “Get up, Mags! ” I look at him, barely comprehending. Bow says the devil in me. Rise says the man. Mephistopheles swoops in the air, prolonging his approach, letting the fear build. “Cale …” Riven says to Erevis, his eye on my father. “I know,” Erevis snaps. Shadows ooze from his flesh and swirl closely about him. “But we hold this ground. ” He thumps Riven on the shoulder. ” “It’s only ground, Cale,” Riven says.

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