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By Leonard W. King

One in every of Leonard King's works from the early days of Assyriology in 1896. This paintings is "The Prayers of the Lifting of the Hand," and represents the cuneiform texts of a bunch of Babylonian and Assyrian incantations and magical formulae edited with transliterations, translations, and entire vocabulary from capsules of the Kuyunjik collections preserved within the British Museum. Contents: Prayers addressed to: Deities; Gods; Goddesses; Astral Deities; Prayers opposed to the evils; Vocabulary.

I came across this model on the web and it seems that to be a reasonably decently scanned reproduction from a library (Kansas urban it seems), as evidenced via the date stamps within the conceal. whereas the ISBN references a extra smooth re-print, this seems to be a replica of the unique print.

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Sample text

Sii .......... nab-ni-ti 49 ............................. -fya-zi 50 ............................... -m 1 4 B arad-ka 9 14 CD D B tir-na. 2 tu-la^a-ri. 5 D B m ^uA^ur-bdn-apli mar tar-r in-net. 10 CD 15 naplisa-m-ma. 18 Z> naplis-an-ni. ampagar-Su. ilu %tar-lu. 19 c D ili-lu i-ri-la. \ " E li-ma-a. ^ hr-tzm. 3 B zi-mi-u. 7 tu-pat-tar ; B D ta-pa8 [tu]-sdl-lam. D a na-ku Sa ihi-lti Allur ilu istar-lu ilu A$-hi-ri-tum. D ta-a-ba. 1G 12 Z> Ufei-ma. D a$-na-an. 17 13 D U-ziz-zu. Z> [mu-up]-pal-sa-at % 1 PRAYERS TO GROUPS OF 8 The DEITIES.

23, 11. ; 24, 11. ; 25, is 11. to return 6 ff. XXX INTRODUCTION. house without looking backward. The occasions on which the tablets might be used are sometimes specified in the ceremonial sections; Nos. 12 and 31, for instance, are to be to his used at night, No. 30 on a favourable day, No, 24 during a certain phase of the moon, and No. 21 at night when the wind is in a certain quarter. The use of the majority of the tablets, however, appears to have been unrestricted. It will be seen, therefore, that the ceremonies which acthe "Prayers of the Lifting of the Hand" in general character resemble those which occur on other classes of cere- company monial and religious texts.

I 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 1 . 1 The I praise thy heart, may I bow ordain good fortune! in humility before thee ! clause of the colophon contained in 1. 9 f. has been already discussed, cf. p. , and in future I shall not again refer to this phrase which occurs on each of the texts first V. The expression fl 5fl JH^ is I be found at the commencement of most directions for cere- published under Sections to monies interchanging with HfX^ ^Qf H0 > < anc* with %S| f >*>j- an<3- evidently forming a sort of set introduction to the Each of these three groups of that follow.

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