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By Dan Gonzales

During this document dwe research the significance fo Command, keep watch over, Commuincations, desktops, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance sysrems for floor strength maneuver operations.

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In many such cases, Red has a greater chance of winning with a longer decision delay. In these cases it would appear that if Red simply sticks to its plan and does not try to outmaneuver Blue, it can take better advantage of its numerical force advantage. Note that Blue wins four times as often in the B00R30 case as in the B30R00 case. 44 Summary of Smoothed Results for the Decision Delay Cases Fitted Blue Loss/Red Win 100 90 80 Number of Cases in 100 Repetitions 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 R30 B30 R20 B20 Blue Decision Delay R15 B15 B00 R00 Red Decision Delay  NDRI 45 Shown here are smoothed battle outcome results for the matrix of decision delay cases that were considered.

This is just one example of the dynamic decisionmaking on both sides that occurs in the model. 35 Red Breakthroughs in Two Sectors  NDRI 36 This chart shows a simulation screen snapshot from a point later in the battle. In this case Red has broken through in two strike sectors, and all of the Blue frontline brigades have been wiped out. The remnants of two Red brigades are advancing from their intermediate objectives to their common ultimate objective. The Blue reserve has retreated as directed by the Blue division decisionmaking engine to defend the Blue base.

In this version of the model, only a tactical divert maneuver was implemented. More sophisticated maneuver operations will be incorporated into future versions of the model. 27 Outline Y Introduction Y SEAS Y Autonomous C2 Decisionmaking and the Correlation of Forces and Means S Origin of COFM S COFM algorithm S SEAS implementation S Additional decisionmaking logic Y Scenarios, C4ISR Capabilities, and Decision Spaces Y Results NDRI  28 Next we describe the logic we implemented for individual tanks to simulate the decisionmaking of tank commanders given access to offboard situation awareness information.

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