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By Martin Wine (auth.)

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Caesar commissions Thidias to go to Egypt to 'win Cleopatra' away 'From Antony' by eloquence and promises. He also wants Thidias to observe Antony's outward actions for what they reveal of his inward state since his recent disgrace. Commentary Antony, who once 'had superfluous kings for messengers' (5), now must resort to sending his children's schoolmaster (known as Euphronius in Plutarch). Caesar has no time for the schoolmaster's rhetoric and brusquely urges him to come to the point: 'Be 't so.

Caesar is trying to keep up, but he is not having a good time - he does not appreciate the crocodile joke; his 'graver business / Frowns at this levity' (124-5). Antony tells him not to worry, just enjoy the party: 'Be a child 0' the time'. Caesar, however, would rather 'possess' time, control it (104-5). ) As he finds himself losing control, he simply stops and goes his own way, leaving the others to continue the merrymaking on shore. iii to subdue the Parthians, is returning from his successful mission, bringing back with him 'the dead body of PACORUS', the son of the Parthian king.

Enobarbus now begins to think seriously of deserting Antony. Commentary Cleopatra and Enobarbus are in the middle of a conversation when the scene begins. 55-6); but apparently she has been wondering whether she was to blame for Antony's defeat at Actium. Enobarbus assures her that the fault was Antony's only, for he allowed his 'will' and the 'itch of his affection' or sexual desires to overcome 'reason'. Antony, in his view, behaved shamefully when he fled and left 'his navy gazing', for he was the 'mered question' or sole reason for the battle in the first place (1-12).

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