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Download Ancient Israel: v.3: Myths and Legends (Myths & legends) by Angelo S. Rappoport PDF

By Angelo S. Rappoport

Myths and legends are the goods of the preferred brain and of the communal soul of the folks. This, the ultimate ebook of Angelo Rappoport's trilogy on historic Hebrew myths, bargains with the 1st kings of historical Israel: tormented Saul, heroic David and clever Solomon. a number of alternative biblical figures additionally seem, together with evil Queen Jezebel, Esther - the savior of her humans, the Prophet Elijah, and trustworthy better halves, treacherous fanatics and beggar kings. The Oriental and ecu myths that owe loads to Jewish legends also are mentioned - from Merlin the Magician to the origins of the tales that contain "A Thousand and One Nights."

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Thereupon Ravana, who had been lying in wait, availed himself of the absence of the two heroes, and captured Sita. The situation is, of course, different in the Talmudical legend and in the tale in the Ramayana, but in both it is a demon in the disguise of a deer who is enticing the hunter, leading him into danger. Are we entitled to conclude that the · Talmudical legend is of Indian origin and that the Rabbis of the Talmud had received the story from Persian sources? Rwtu ths lttudu :Jwiv••· II, p.

Midrash Tanchuma, section Vay1i(ash. • Midrash Tehillim, 36, 2. 'Midrash Samuel, 21, J. loc. cit. l David was now sure of victory. Throwing a pebble, he struck the giant on his forehead. The latter fell to the ground face downwards and not on his back, for two reasons. It was first for the sake of David, so that he should not have to walk a long way to cut off the head of the giant. 2 David now approached and tried to cut off the head of Goliath, but he did not know how to remove his armours. At that moment Uriah the Hittite came up and offered to show David how Goliath's armours were fastened at his heels.

THE PIOUS KING 25 David now prepared for battle with the Philistines whom he met in the valley of Rephaim, or the Giants. Now God commanded David not to attack the enemy until he heard the treetops move. The tutelary angel of the Philistines was namely pleading the cause of the nation under his protection, and the Lord decided to pass judgment first on the tutelary angel of the Philistines and then to hand over the nation to David. four ells. The Israelites were anxious to throw themselves upon the enemy, but David forbade them to move.

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