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By Kim Lawrence

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His icy glare impaled her. ” The flicker in Alex’s hooded eyes made Hope feel uneasy, but she wasn’t going to backpedal now. “Well, I’ve got to do something for the next month, and I do find older men so attractive,” she confided with her best come-hither smile. Alex reached out to her, and glimpsed shock in her wide blue eyes before he kissed her…. Wanted: three husbands for three sisters! Anna, Lindy and Hope—triplet sisters and the best, the closest, of friends. Physically, these three women may look alike, but their personalities are very different!

She did have an embarrassing recollection of clinging tenaciously to his hand, but details were rather hazy. ’ she asked suspiciously as a nurse materialised at the bedside. ’ ‘I am calm. Any more calm and I’d—’ ‘Why don’t you shut up, Hope, and let us do our job? ’ ‘Oh, my ethics can take the strain. ’ Hope was still grumbling quietly to herself when she drifted once more into a drug-induced slumber. Three days later she was packing up her belongings—or at least giving instructions whilst her mother did so for her.

And I’m a block of wood! God, he’s priceless! ’ She couldn’t help the hint of defensiveness creeping into her voice. The family joke about her left hook had worn pretty thin years ago, and she’d worked really hard to control her more instinctual responses. It wasn’t as if she liked losing her temper; it made her sick—physically sick afterwards. She was still shaking with reaction. ‘Under the circumstances I’m not going to disagree with you. ’ ‘That’s a cheap crack. ’ He moved closer in time to see the flash of anger in her eyes.

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