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By Jon Rappoport

I first realized that there have been many hugely credentialled clinical researchers not easy the HIV=AIDS speculation in 1988, and i've been heavily following the controversy ever given that. Jon's e-book covers intimately the full saga of the debate, and with no the contrived hypothesis of conspiracists, essentially unearths an extraordinary modern day commercial scandal. even if the ebook was once released over 15 years in the past, its contents are as exact this present day as they have been whilst it was once written. somebody who's all in favour of any means with HIV/AIDS may still learn this e-book.

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We need to put imagery aside and realize that laboratories are not temples, and like our nuclear plants, systems of safety are prone to human error. A lab tech who shall remain nameless told me about her days at a major cancer research facility on the east coast. Rooms which should have been sealed, where recombinant viral work was going on, were left open and employees strolled through, picked up their lunches on tables, etc. Her protests to management produced no revisions of habits. , there is an ongoing story of six cases of cancer among lab researchers at the Paris Pasteur Institute (1984-88).

Copyright 1988 Jon Rappoport Q: In Gallo's interview in Spin magazine, he kept saying, Duesberg is a funny guy. You have to know him. He's different. What is he talking about? A: I think he means, I say what's on my mind. I don't mind the consequences. You have to understand what these researchers at NIH are like, the ones who believe in HIV. They have grown up with these viruses. It's the first thing they knew. That is usually very powerful in shaping your later attitudes, what you learn first.

The disease itself does not appear terribly transmissible... the transmissibility within a cohort, when studied, is always within cohorts that are engaging in precisely the same kind of activity, so it's impossible to say that X gave it to Y who gave it to Z. All you know is that X, Y, and Z were doing the same thing, and X, Y, and Z came down with the same peculiar set of infections. Q: And one thing they were doing was having sex with each other in, say, the case of the gay community. A: That's one of the things they were doing.

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