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By Philip Wylie

After Worlds Collide alternatives up the tale of its predecessor, When Worlds Collide. This sequel tells the tale of the survivors' development at the new international Bronson Beta after the destruction of Earth via a rogue planet.

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The crowd of people, delirious with joy, was trying to touch them and talk to them. All the crowd, that is, except those who had not yet recovered from the terrible smash-up of the landing—and those who would never recover. Ransdell had fainted for the first time in his life out of pure joy, pure ecstasy, and out of cosmic fatigue. He had scrambled to his feet in time to meet Tony’s rush toward him. ” Things like that. ” Tony had been able to answer, jubilantly: “Made it all right. ” Again the cheering rose and echoed in the night.

Remember, if you come upon survivors of the original People of this planet, their first impulse may be to protect themselves against you. I cannot myself imagine how any of the People of this planet could have survived; yet I must admit the possibility. If they live, they probably have weapons or materials of defense and offense utterly strange to us. . Far more probably, you may find other people from earth. If you possibly can, avoid conflict of any sort with them. Nothing could be more tragic than warfare between us here.

He stood at the table and sifted in his fingers the kernels of a strange grain. Not wheat, not corn, not rice nor barley nor rye; but a starchy kernel. They both had tasted it. “There’s millions of bushels of this, Tony. Should we say ‘bushels’ or, like the Bible, ‘measures’? Well, we know there’s millions of measures of this that we’ve already found. —we’ve solved our problem of provender indefinitely. And it’s foolish to have our people improvising shelter and equipment when all we have to do is to move into—this.

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