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Computational electrodynamics: the finite-difference time-domain method

Computational Electrodynamics: The Finite-Difference Time-Domain technique is the basic reference for pro engineers, collage professors and scholars utilizing, educating, or studying FDTD suggestions to Maxwell's equations. The ebook presents a finished educational of FDTD conception and methods in addition to information at the most up-to-date FDTD tools for the effective layout of key digital elements equivalent to antennas for instant communications units, high-speed electronic and microwave circuits, and built-in optics.

Liquid Phase Epitaxy of Electronic, Optical and Optoelectronic Materials (Wiley Series in Materials for Electronic & Optoelectronic Applications)

Liquid-Phase Epitaxy (LPE) is a method utilized in the majority progress of crystals, mostly in semiconductor production, wherein the crystal is grown from a wealthy answer of the semiconductor onto a substrate in layers, every one of that is shaped by means of supersaturation or cooling. no less than 50% of development within the optoelectronics zone is at present focussed on LPE.

Implementation of Robot Systems: An introduction to robotics, automation, and successful systems integration in manufacturing

In response to the author’s wide-ranging adventure as a robotic person, provider and advisor, Implementation of robotic structures will show you how to procedure using robots on your plant or facility armed with the appropriate wisdom base and know-how of serious components take into consideration. This e-book begins with the fundamentals of ordinary purposes and robotic features ahead of overlaying all phases of winning robotic integration.

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