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Download ABC: The Alphabetizaton of the Popular Mind by Ivan Illich, Barry Sanders PDF

By Ivan Illich, Barry Sanders

In ABC... thinker and cultural analyst Ivan Illich and medieval pupil and literary critic Barry Sanders have produced an unique, meticulous and provocative examine of the arrival, unfold and current decline of literacy. They discover he effect of the alphabet on basic concept tactics and attitudes, on reminiscence, on political groupings and religous and cultural expectancies. Their exam of the current erosion of literacy within the new technological languages of 'newspeak' and 'uniquack' and so they indicate how new attitudes to language are changing our global view our experience of self and of neighborhood.

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It is possible for suppression of emotion to go too far. I see this very often, for example, among older Indian women who are my patients, and who are deeply unhappy with their domestic circumstances. Unable, for social and cultural reasons, to confess to this unhappiness, and likewise, for the same reasons, unable either to leave the home or sublimate their unhappiness by other forms without physical pathology as an expression of their misery. Their symptoms last for years or even for decades, and they are dragged round to doctor after doctor by their complicit relations in an attempt to reach a diagnosis that will never be reached.

Far from being cathartic, is it not more likely that in the public expression of obscenity, as in other kinds of conduct, They’ve got to get it out of their systems 25 practice makes perfect? The mass public drunkenness that is to be seen at least three nights a week in the centres of all British cities and towns, for example, is one natural consequence of the idea that to control yourself is harmful, and has something distinctly ideological about it: for it is the ultimate triumph of the doctrine of disinhibition as mental and social health.

Ostensibly, the speaker could be searching for a key to open a door. However, if we take a wider view of the subject of his anxiety, we may see the key as a symbol of coherence and understanding. In this interpretation, perhaps he is looking for the certainties of his life before Alzheimer’s struck. The room, the clothes, the bed could be the furniture of his mind, furniture that has not just been rearranged by the condition but removed. The poignant intensity of his appeals may come from the realization that he has no ‘home’ to go to any more.

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