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Download A Younger Woman (Silhouette Intimate Moments No. 1074) by Wendy Rosnau PDF

By Wendy Rosnau

Excellent publication

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Now she wondered what could have happened in the past two years to have changed that. This was not the same overconfident, almost cocky cop she'd known two years ago. No, this new uptight version appeared to be more human, even a bit vulnerable. And damn him, more likeable than the old version—that is, if she didn't hate him so much. She held her breath, watched him wear out the thick rug. Suddenly he stopped pacing and faced her. "It's going to hurt like a son of a—" "Forewarned is—" "Not worth a damn if it doesn't change the fact.

Booze had never been able to do the job it promised where he was concerned, and he had no interest in an easy woman whose name he wouldn't remember in the morning. " Tony's grin fed the mischief in his heavy-lidded chocolate eyes. "You know damn well what he's doing," Ry grumbled. " "I guess I heard somethin' about that. Words between him and Chief Blais, somebody said. " Tony's grin opened up. Ry shook his head. "You'd think by nowJacksonwould know to keep his opinions to himself. " "You ain't turned your back on him, though.

She giggled and leaned close. " What she said about the judge approving of him was true enough. But Ry also knew there was a simple explanation behind that approval—if Char was seeing a big bad cop, the rest of the men making a nuisance of themselves might think twice. Judge Stewart was a shrewd old Creole. Ry didn't blame him for scheming to keep his wild, scandal-seeking daughter out of the newspaper. Only, he had no intentions of being her baby-sitter or anything else. They had already settled that months ago.

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