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Download A Second-Order ΣΔ ADC Using Sputtered IGZO TFTs by Ana Paula Pinto Correia, Pedro Miguel Cândido Barquinha, PDF

By Ana Paula Pinto Correia, Pedro Miguel Cândido Barquinha, João Carlos da Palma Goes

This books discusses the layout, electric simulation and format of a 2nd-order ∑∆ analog-to-digital converter (ADC), utilizing oxide thin-film transistors (TFTs) expertise. The authors supply a unified view of fabrics technological know-how and electronics engineering, that allows you to advisor readers from either fields via key issues. to complete this aim, history concerning fabrics, equipment physics, characterization recommendations, circuit layout and format is given including an in depth dialogue of experimental information. the ultimate simulation effects sincerely exhibit the opportunity of the proposed circuit-level strategies, which permits the implementation of strong and effort effective ADCs in accordance with oxide TFTs, for reasonable resolutions and conversion-rates.

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16 V/dec and IG 1 pA. Results on this will be published soon. 3 IGZO TFT Modeling To successfully design and produce either basic or complex circuits, the use of an accurate device model is imperative and should take into account all the aspects that influence the device performance. Given the very early stage of oxide TFTs development, specific models for IGZO devices are not yet widespread. However, some efforts have been done in this field where some models have been created or adjusted based on Verilog A, neural networks or Spice [22, 23].

Then, it presents a detailed discussion on the characterization of sputtered amorphous multicomponent high-› dielectrics based on Ta2 O5 and SiO2 , using single and multilayer structures, and their integration in indium-gallium-zinc oxide (IGZO) TFTs. Finally, an existing model for a-Si:H TFTs is adapted to IGZO TFTs technology. 1 Fabrication and Characterization Routes Several deposition routes are used to fabricate the thin films composing thin-film transistors (TFTs). They are mainly divided into chemical or physical vapor deposition techniques.

10 shows this effect for Ta2 O5 and TSiO and it is possible to conclude that hysteresis magnitude is smaller for TSiO, reinforcing the improved properties of this multicomponent dielectric over Ta2 O5 . Nevertheless, for both cases, counterclockwise hysteresis is verified, suggesting ionic drift inside the dielectric layers. 2 Amorphous Multicomponent High-› Dielectrics Based on Ta2 O5 and SiO2 37 Fig. 10 Transfer curves in double sweep mode using Ta2 O5 (a) and TSiO (b) with a thickness close to 200 nm and annealed at 200 ı C.

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