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Download A Rhetoric of Argument (2nd Edition) by Jeanne Fahnestock, Marie Secor PDF

By Jeanne Fahnestock, Marie Secor

This composition textual content makes a speciality of argument and persuasion utilizing examples, routines, readings, and writing assignments. The textual content publications scholars via constructing a thesis, discovering and organizing proof, and writing and revising numerous kinds of argumentative papers. the second one variation de-emphasizes the language of formal common sense, and all of the readings, examples, and routines were up-to-date. extra assurance has been given to refutation. customary in either complex composition and moment semester freshman classes.

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Then, prompted by a specific audience and situation, you looked to see what reasons you could find for that conviction. The list you came up with did not look promising. All but one of the reasons were more emotional claims. 3. But that one led to a new, less personal formulation of your original conviction. 4. Once you had an arguable statement and one supporting statement (in fact you would not have had the arguable statement without the support), you looked over those other reasons again and found sharable grounds for some of them.

She is the type of girl that others gravitate toward because of her sympathetic attitude. I don't believe she even knows the definition of a fairweather friend. Occasionally, if examples in a series are obviously connected, it is not necessary to state the generalization they support. Readers will formulate it for themselves. Read through the following paragraphs and supply the missing claims. Outdoor magazines, including the Japanese edition of Field and Strram, are hot. More than 2,000 camping and sports-equipment stores have opened, 10 times the number of a decade ago, and they're doing a land-office business in rugged wilderness gear: hiking boots, fishing rods, safari jackets, cowboy hats.

2. A cat is a mammal. There are no cats native to Antarctica. 4. That cat is malnourished. 5 . Cats are never really domesticated. 3. Notice that these statements are simple sentences with three parts: a subject, a linking verb, and something said about the subject. For convenience, we can borrow the grammarian's term and call what is said about the subject the complement. We can also think of the linking verb and the complement together as the predicate. 32 . WHAT IS IT? Subject Predicate , 1 Linking verb Complement A cat is a mammal That cat is malnourished Even if you do not understand the meaning of one of its terms, you can recognize a similarly constructed sentence like "Football is a homoerotic ritual" as a statement defining or describing its subject.

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