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By Igor Kon, H. Campbell Creighton

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In the earliest stages of social evolution a differentiation had already begun between rulers and governed, which gradually became more and more marked. The power of the ruler was supplemented by a religious authority arising simultaneously with it and by the power of generally accepted rules of behaviour and customs which gradually became differentiated from both of them. 9 The evolutionary approach to society, however, raised a number of complex problems. (1) What was the relation of quantitative and qualitative changes in the process of development?

And Hippolyte Taine explained, in his Philosophie de l’art, the difference between Florentine and Flemish painting, for example, by differences in the geographical conditions of Italy and the Low Countries. 3 He made the reservation, however, that mental factors gradually acquired superiority over physical ones at the highest levels of development. His ideas affected certain trends in economic geography and sociology, whose spokesmen claimed it was enough to know a society‘s natural wealth, energy sources, and natural lines of communication, to define the character and volume of its production, its main economic functions, etc.

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