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Download A Hardy Companion: A Guide to the works of Thomas Hardy and by F.B. Pinion PDF

By F.B. Pinion

A advisor to the works of thomas hardy and their history

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Hardy thought it worth while to transcribe two such passages almost word for word from Desperate Remedies (cf. the end of III v with DR. xii 6). Such harmony of the outer scene with the thought and feelings of the beholder are paralleled in 'the chaos of the world without' and the chaos of Eustacia's mind when she stood for the last time on Rainbarrow. A new type of symbolism enters the novel in dramatic scenes when Eustacia and Clym talk by the pool at Mistover Knap, after the recovery of the bucket from the well, and again when they meet at Rainbarrow during the moon's eclipse.

THE HAND OF ETHELBERTA Far from the Madding Crowd was concluded 'at a gallop' in time for Hardy's marriage and a short tour in France. Novel-writing as a career had now become a serious matter; Hardy 'had to consider popularity'. He did not know where his forte lay; it was too early to gauge the success of Far from the Madding Crowd, and he always felt that it might be necessary to write about the society in which most readers were interested. Even when he was a successful novelist, he kept records of observations for such a contingency (Life, 291).

Its composition was 'lamentably hurried' (Purdy, 44), and bears witness in its late stages to the exigencies of serial publication. The first nine chapters were sent in March, and the remaining in September 1882, to Boston, where it appeared in The Atlantic Monthly from May to December 1882.

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