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Download A Companion to Foucault (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy) by Christopher Falzon, Timothy O'Leary, Jana Sawicki PDF

By Christopher Falzon, Timothy O'Leary, Jana Sawicki

A significant other to Foucault contains a set of essays from verified and rising students that signify the main vast remedy of French thinker Michel Foucault’s works presently available.
• includes a finished number of authors and issues, with either verified and rising students represented
• comprises chapters that survey Foucault’s significant works and others that strategy his paintings from a variety of thematic angles
• Engages largely with Foucault's lately released lecture classes from the Collège de France
• includes the 1st translation of the vast ‘Chronology’ of Foucault’s lifestyles and works written via Foucault’s life-partner Daniel Defert
• encompasses a bibliography of Foucault’s shorter works in English, cross-referenced to the traditional French variation Dits et Ecrits

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MORALITY AS ANTI-NATURE* I All passions have a period in which they are merely fateful, in which they draw their victims down by weight of stupidity—and a later, very much later one, in which they marry the spirit, 'spiritualize' themselves. * The most famous formula for this can be found in the New Testament, in that Sermon on the Mount where, incidentally, things are by no means viewed from on high. Here it is said, for example, with reference to sexuality, 'if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out':* fortunately no Christian acts according to this precept.

Death, change, age, as well as procreation and growth, are objections—even refutations—for them. Whatever is, does not become', whatever becomes, is n o t . . * But because they cannot gain possession of it they look for reasons as to why it is being withheld from them. '—'We've got him', they cry in rapturous delight, 'it's our sensuousness! * Moral: free yourself from sense-deception, from becoming, history, lies—history is nothing but belief in the senses, belief in lies. Moral: say no to anything which believes in the senses, to the whole of the rest of humanity: they are all just "the populace".

On the other hand, to be fair, it should be admitted that there was no way in which, on the soil* from which Christianity grew up, the concept of 'spiritualization of passion' could even be conceived. —The church fights against passion with every kind of excision: its method, its 'cure', is castratism. —But attacking the passions at the root means attacking life at the root: the practice of the church is inimical to l i f e . . 2 The same means—castration, eradication—are instinctively chosen by those fighting against a desire who are too weak-willed, too degenerate to be able to set themselves a measure in it: by those 22 T W I L I G H T OF THE IDOLS (V 3) types who need La Trappe,* metaphorically speaking (and nonmetaphorically—), some definitive declaration of enmity, a gulf between themselves and a passion.

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