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By Norman Page (auth.)

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In Basle. Travelling from Berne to Morat, B and Polidori 'had debates whether clouds were mountains, or mountains clouds' (Polidori's diary). They arrive in Secheron, near Geneva. In the register of the Hotel Angleterre, B puts down his age as 100. B meets Shelley, who has arrived in Secheron with Mary Godwin and Claire Clairmont on the 18th. June 1 (Sat) The Shelleys move into Maison Chappuis, Montalegre, about two miles from Geneva. B visits them; according to Polidori, the subjects of after-dinner conversation include Rogers, whom B regards as a 'good poet' but 'malicious'.

June 1 (Tues) Speaks for the last time in the House of Lords. 3 Leaves London for a few days with Lady Oxford; is back on the 8th and leaves again on the 9th to rejoin Lady Oxford at Portsmouth (she is on her way to Sardinia); returns to London later in the month. B now plans to leave England in July. 5 The Giaour published; B has already circulated privately printed copies to friends, but the published version is considerably longer as a result of the additions he has made during the past few weeks.

20 Meets Madame de Stael (Lady Blessington later records B's opinion that the French writer was 'certainly the cleverest, though not the most agreeable woman he had ever known'). 21 Catherine Fanshawe writes to a correspondent that 'Had the whole discourse [between B and Madame de Stael] been written, without one syllable of correction, it would be difficult to name a dialogue so full of eloquence and wit'. 22 Sends Murray some 'important' revisions for the second edition of The Giaour. 27 Sees Madame de Stael again, at Lady Davy's, and introduces Augusta to her.

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