Monday , 24 April 2017

3D Geospatial Data Applications/Industries For Decision Making

    Register now & save a place for an Exclusive Free 3 day Workshop. Complete out-of-the-box application,bestow the ability to overlay any number of data layers for every segment of a utility’s infrastructure, all seamlessly linked with the SkylineGlobe 3D environment, makes it easier to keep track of maintenance tasks, deploy field crew efficiently, and plan transportation routes and to create easy-to-understand, 3D worlds that ... Read More »


  See What You Have Been Missing: See what you have been missing as roads and dried river beds that cannot be seen in other digital elevation products — including SRTM90, SRTM30, and others — suddenly appear. Below are just a few examples of terrain features uncovered by World 10. NEXTMap World 10 DEM  The NEXTMap World 10 digital elevation model provides seamless, ... Read More »



 Register now & save a place for Advanced Spatial Modeling 3 day Training Create your models that bring disparate data sources together to help you get the full measure of information out of your data investment. ERDAS IMAGINE® Spatial Modeler is about solving geoprocessing challenges in the most efficient way—by removing the traditional dialog-driven workflow and instead streamlining a customized, repeatable ... Read More »

RapidEye Satellite Images FOR Change Detection

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  RapidEye Satellite Images For Change Detection RapidEye satellite sensor was successfully launched on August 29th, 2008 at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, provides 5 m Spatial Resolution. RapidEye imagery provides 12 bit Radiometric Resolution & 5 spectral bands as follows:- Blue 440 – 510 Green 520 – 590 Red 630 – 685 Red Edge 690 – 730 NIR 760 – 850 ... Read More »

Advanced Change Detection Training

    Register now & save a place for Change Detection 3 day Training Monitoring change from year to year can be a tedious and time consuming process especially when comparing different dated images and following up with on-site verification. ِA more efficient process is needed that saves time over existing methods.   You will witness a straight-forward process, designed ... Read More »


                            Want to be the first to try Worldview 3 high-resolution commercial satellite?!! WorldView-3, launched in August 2014, provides the highest level of detail commercially available from any satellite. The imagery it will provide at nadir is equivalent to 30 cm resolution aerial imagery, previously unavailable from space-borne ... Read More »